Supporting a safe and healthy legal workplace

What we do

  • Disseminate information on activities, research and initiatives which will help decrease the incidence of depression and anxiety
  • Foster collegiality across the legal fraternity, medical, insurance and other parties engaged in the subject matter
  • Communicate successful initiatives to support best practice
  • Identify areas of duplicated effort (research, curriculum design, toolkits and cultural change initiatives) to ensure allocation of resources and learnings are leveraged
  • Promote innovative thought and strategic direction in the profession
  • Be an incubator for new ideas and initiatives that support better mental health outcomes
  • Present the Annual Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation Lecture since 2006. The annual lectures were created to provide a forum for the legal community to come together and discuss the issues we face as a profession regarding depression and anxiety.  These lectures are aimed at creating education and awareness while also finding strategies to help improve the lives of those working in or associated with the profession