Supporting a safe and healthy legal workplace

Who we are

The Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation is an independent, charitable organisation...

The Foundation’s objective is to decrease work related psychological ill-health in the legal community and to promote workplace psychological health and safety.

Since its beginnings in August 2008, the Foundation has been at the forefront of building greater awareness of depression and anxiety across all areas of the legal fraternity.

We continue to improve education and build effective models of support which focus on mental health wellbeing within the legal education system and the legal profession.

The Foundation has established itself as a reference point and facilitator of information and research in the area of depression and anxiety in the legal profession.

Our purpose is to be an independent “hub” to support initiatives within the legal profession that aim to decrease the distress, disability and causes of depression and anxiety in the legal profession.

The Foundation released the Workplace Wellbeing: Best Practice Guidelines to which more than 180 legal workplaces in Australia and overseas have become signatories.The guidelines have also crossed professional boundaries with three healthcare workplaces choosing to become signatories.

The Foundation provides resources and links to current national and international research, initiatives and learning related to workplace psychological safety and wellbeing.