Supporting a safe and healthy legal workplace
Mary Digiglio

Mary Digiglio

Managing Partner, Swaab Attorneys

Mary Digiglio is the Managing Partner of Swaab Attorneys, a mid tier commercial law firm.  In this role Mary leads by example, with an authentic leadership style and a focus on promoting and protecting the well-being of people in the legal profession, diversity in the workpace, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Mary is also the practice group leader of a dynamic team of property lawyers at Swaab, and a New South Wales Law Society accredited specialist in property law.

Her community work includes sitting on the Board of the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation and the Australian Legal Sector Alliance.

Why I am committed to TJMF

I understand that to keep our talented people happy we must work hard to ensure they are being challenged but, more importantly, that they are healthy – physically and mentally. Keeping well means our talented people can be fit to do more than just interesting work, they will be energetic and enthusiastic about doing a good job and achieving great outcomes for clients.

Wellness in the workplace is the key and I am committed to being a leader in wellness in the law. It is such a big issue in our profession and one about which not much was said for a long time.

I am very proud of my involvement in the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation. I consider how lucky I am to have a great support network around me – from my family through to my colleagues and to networks beyond. What I want to do is ensure I give strength to others, to help them build the same support networks, remembering that support does not always come from above.