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Professor Joellen Riley

Professor Joellen Riley

Professor of Labour Law and Dean, Sydney Law School, University of Sydney

Professor Joellen Riley has held a chair in Labour Law at Sydney Law School since 2009, and currently serves as the faculty’s Dean. She holds degrees in Law from the universities of Sydney and Oxford, and has been teaching and researching in the field of employment and industrial law since 1998. Initially an English literature major, she studied law after a decade working in publishing and financial journalism. She joined academia after a short time in commercial legal practice, and has served as a consultant to specialist employment law firms, most recently People + Culture Strategies in Sydney. Her publications include Employee Protection at Common Law (Federation Press, 2005), which is a distillation of her doctoral thesis, and the The Law of Work (OUP, 2007 and 2011) (with Rosemary Owens and Jill Murray). She is also one of the authors on the most recent edition of Macken’s Law of Employment (Thomson 2011) and has written a number of books on federal workplace legislation.

Motivation for joining TJMF Board:

In my time as a lawyer (both practising and academic) I have become increasingly aware that this competitive and often stressful profession challenges the mental well-being of even the most able professionals. I have seen two of my former students take their own lives after going to the bar. As an employment lawyer, I have also seen the damage that toxic workplaces can do to the psychological well-being of staff. I believe that the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation’s approach in addressing this problem by encouraging psychologically healthy practices in legal workplaces has great potential to make a real difference in the profession. Maree Jepson is an inspiring woman, and I am very happy to assist her in her work.