Update homepage feature areas

At the top of the homepage main content area, there are 3 feature areas that can display:

  1. An image or a video
  2. text
  3. a link to a page on the website.

Top update these content areas:

Go to Pages in the left hand side menu of the admin area and click on All Pages

Click on Home – Front Page

In the admin area for Home, there are three grouped sets of fields that contain the content displayed in the feature areas.
For example, starting from the left hand side, the feature areas are numbered 1,2 and 3 so we have Image 1, Video 1, Text 1  and Link 1 for the first content area ( 1 )

To update or add an image – click the Add Image button and browse to the Media library or upload an image to use.( Note: the image must be sized at 400px wide buy 225px high to keep a uniform appearance when used beside videos.)

To update or add a video ( YouTube ) – go to the YouTube page that hosts the video and click on Share, then Embed and copy the code that appears in the embed field. Paste this code into the corresponding Video field in the homepage admin for that video to appear.

To update or add text  – simply add and format text as you would usually keeping in mind that all three feature area will look nicer if