The Guidelines

Part of creating a safe work place is creating a psychologically safe workplace. The  ‘TJMF Psychological Wellbeing: Best Practice Guidelines for the Legal Profession’ are intended to support the profession in raising awareness of mental health issues and understanding the initiatives and methods of management that assist in the creation and maintenance of psychologically healthy and supportive workplaces.


The Guidelines are accompanied by specific guidance tailored to different workplaces, such as law firms of varying sizes, in-house legal teams, courts, community legal centres, and law faculties.

As different organisations will be at different stages of their journey to improve the standard of psychological support provided to employees, the Guidelines provide a range of recommendations across the 13 Psychosocial Factors from Basic to Best Practice.

Further commentary on how to effectively implement the Guidelines will be provided over time at www.tjmf.org.au as organisations provide feedback.




TJMF Psychological Wellbeing: Best Practice Guidelines for the Legal Profession