The Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation has a strong commitment to quality research. The Foundation believes the ongoing evaluation of, and research into, mental health and education promotes good mental health and a balanced approach to managing the pressures of practice in the legal profession.


Courting the blues

The Tristan Jepson Memorial Fund and the Brain and Mind Research Institute through the distribution of its national study examined the actual incidence of depression in the legal profession in Australia and evaluated mental health literacy interventions targeted specifically towards the profession.

The institute’s survey of 2,413 lawyers included 738 students from 13 law schools nationally, 924 solicitors and 751 barristers. Professor Ian Hickey delivered the results of the survey at the annual Tristan Jepson Memorial Lecture on 18 September 2008, where it was found that that the level of distress was high in all three groups. Read the results of the survey here.


Annual Lectures